About Dan Hauss

Television magic creator Dan Hauss has reimagined what magic should look like. As an entertainer, Dan’s show takes audiences into his mind, a place where playing cards personify lost loves and ordinary objects become fantastic devices. He has performed for such esteemed clients such as Warner Brothers for the Burt Wonderstone Premiere, Tropicana Hotel, and Casino, and FOX Television. As a magic creator, Dan broke onto the scene with FLOW, allowing a spectator to control the contents of a bottle of water. Recognized for RATTLED, REDLINE, LIT, and SLEEPING QUEEN, Dan continues to bend truth and corporeality into new and exciting effects in the magic industry.

"Dan Hauss is an absolute magic genius. Having been a creative force to the one and only David Blaine, Dan's creations have been loved and adored by magicians all over the world. Recently, Dan was featured on the new hit show, Wizard Wars on the SyFy network." -Murphy's Magic